We are confident that we’re the perfect partner to manufacture any face, body or hair product with any cosmetic texture desired.

The minimum order quantity for face products is 50kg, which increases to 100kg for body and hair products

Delivery times depend on how quickly the raw materials and packaging required are delivered by our suppliers. Under perfect conditions, delivery takes a minimum of 6 weeks.

Yes. Our specialised team is available to help you throughout the process.

Test prices are included in the quote provided for the entire project, except for effectiveness, SPF and dermatological tests, or any other specific test carried out to prove particular claims.

Yes. We register products on the European commission’s CPNP and Infarmed. We also support clients wanting to register their products in foreign countries.

Packaging purchasing can be handled by Tecnocosmética or clients themselves, as long as it is duly certified for use with cosmetic products.

As a manufacturer, Tecnocosmética produces products for distributors operating under their own brand names, who are therefore responsible for a product when they place it on the market, either under their name or as part of their brand. The formula created for a particular brand is always the exclusive property of the Responsible Person. Should you want Tecnocosmética to be the Responsible Person for your product, a technical agreement will need to be entered into between the parties, as agreed upon in due course.

The Responsible Person is either an individual or corporate entity headquartered in the European Union that acts as the sole representative for the entire market within the EU. Its role is to ensure that each cosmetic product sold complies with the applicable regulations and is both safe and effective.